May 27, 2015
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Abbii's San. Antonio Trip Report!

clientuploads/Camp 2013/Summer Camp 2013/teen travel 2013/St.antonio trip pictures of JCC dallas5.JPG After an early morning departure, we stopped to float down the San Marcos river. It was very refreshing after a long bus ride. The river was 70 degrees and very soothing. Although it was very cloudy because of the constant rain that followed us along our trip, it was still a good experience to share with my peers. After that, we stopped at, what seems like a favorite among all of TTC, Buc-ees. We stopped for about 30 minutes and grabbed a snack for the rest of the bus ride. We arrived in San Antonio then stayed at the RiverWalk center for about 2 hours to eat dinner and shop around. Overall, it was a great day of traveling

Caroline Zwillenberg

 Today was our first day in San Antonio!! It was awesome!! We were cramped in a bus for a few hours and then got out to go to Sonic! I got a cherry clientuploads/Camp 2013/Summer Camp 2013/teen travel 2013/St.antonio trip pictures of JCC dallas10.JPGcoke! Then we got back in the bus for an hour or two and went to go river rafting, which was extremely fun!! We floated for about an hour and then went the river rapids a few times! After we were done rafting, we went to Buckees and got gifts for friends and food for the bus ride!! I got dippin dots! After that we got to walk around, shop, and eat at the RiverWalk! I ate at Dairy Queen with my friend Caroline! After the walk and dinner, we went back on the bus and went to the JCC, where am now! Over all today was a great first day of the San Antonio trip!!
Madison Decker

clientuploads/Camp 2013/Summer Camp 2013/teen travel 2013/TTC at the natural caverns.JPG


At around 8:00 or so, we boarded the bus, and after the ride we splashed in to the aquatic theme park Sea World! Then we got in groups and split up. My group first went to see the dolphins, after which we went to the aquarium and saw many examples of unique sea life. Wanting a change of pace (and a chance to rest), we went to a  sea lion show, which involved two humans and their sea lion companions solving the mystery of disappearing fish. It was very entertaining to see the sea lions do the things they had been trained to do. After eating lunch, we regrouped and got some funnel cake, and killed some time at the other attractions. At 5:00 we met with everyone and received our meal deals. After we ate dinner we still had some time to kill, so we decided to go to one of the several gift shops in Sea World. Let me just say, that the amount of merchandise that Shamu has is absolutely RIDICULOUS. Shamu Barbie, Shamu monster trucks, you name it, Shamu is part of it. At 8:00 we finally saw the killer whale himself in Shamu Rocks! Which is a series of stunts that the Shamu and other orcas perform set to music. Anyway, I'm sure you can SEA that we had we had a WHALE of day. I can't wait to discover what tomorrow has in store.
Eric Feldman

clientuploads/Email_blasts/March 2013/teen travel.jpgYesterday we visited the Natural Bridge Caverns. It got the name because they have one of the few natural bridges, a bridge that was not man made, in the world. First we split up in groups to either do the ropes course or the zip line. I did the zip line and it had an amazing view! Then we went to the caverns, it was really awesome seeing the believed 5,000 years old stiglagmits and stiglagtits. Then we visited the EL MARCADO, the market. It was really cool seeing all the diverse products the stores were selling. After the market we went to go get pizza at Big Lou's, and that pizza was humongous!!!! You can go look on our Instagram page to see the size of it, @jteentravelcamp. Last, it was time for the surprise night activity. MINI GOLF!!!!!!!! It was extremely fun. They played the wobble while everyone was playing golf and if you were dancing you received tickets for prizes. By myself I earned 195 tickets. That's a lot of tickets just for just dancing. Yesterday was, I think, the best day on the trip so far!
-Miles Miller

July, 18
clientuploads/Email_blasts/March 2013/Tuesday 04/teen travel1.jpgAt 8:45 it was time to load the bus to go to Schlitterbahn! We arrived and then got on a tram to go to our first park blastonenoff  and tubenbach which holds the Master Blaster voted best water ride in the world, and the falls the worlds longest water park ride. Then we met for lunch good old PB&J. After launch we walked over to surfenburg which has a cool fast pace dragon ride and a lazy river we stay there for a while and then went over to THE ORIGINAL SCHLITTERBAHN where Abbii gave us are meal deals and we were off because we only had like three hours, and like in the first thirty minutes the park temporarily closed do to weather. After like 45 minutes it opened ,and then we split up again we road some rides and chilled. When we got back it was time for showers and getting ready for program, so after everyone was ready we were brought into a room with we heard Law and Order SVU. After taking are seat Judge John San Soucie told us we were going to be tried for our crimes and after that kangaroo court began. It was a fun night and a great way to end the trip.

- Jami Jacobs

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