October 25, 2014
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Name Email Telephone
Artie Allen, Chief Executive Officer 7101
Ashley Bundis, Marketing Services & Program Director 7144
Andrea Bennett, Executive Assistant 7102
Anna Angorina, Senior Coordinator 7119
Alise Robinson, Manager J Performing Arts 7140
Alisa Kearney, Office Manager, Sports and Fitness Center 7146
Abbii Cook, Youth Programs Director 7189
Amy Postel, Gymnastics Director 7176
Austin Holley, Tennis Director 7154
Belinda Senevey, Controller 7142
Bev Broman, Administrative Assistant 7112
Carol Agronin, Associate Director & CFO 7109
Carrie Ann Ring, Membership Sales Manager 7138
Cynthia Casper, ECC Program Coordinator 7118
Cece Burt, Administrative Assistant 7136

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