October 24, 2014
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Name Email Telephone
Cindy Burch, Front Desk 7104
Carmen Finocchio, Aquatics Assistant Director 7198
Dean Roberts, Front Desk 7104
Daniel Taylor, Aquatics Director 7141
Eldad Jacobson, Catering Chef 7135
Gloria Reed, Front Desk 7104
Heather Cordova, Israel Engagement & Camp Assistant 7125
Julie Cruz, Assistant Gymnastics Director 7122
Jamie Eisenberg, Gift Shop Manager 7139
Justin Hodan, Fitness Director 7155
Jerry Campbell, Accounts Payable 7159
Jilliane Bowser, Sports and Recreation Director 7178
Katharine Teicher, Senior Adult Program Director 7115
KraTaura Buckner, Youth Basketbal Coach 7174
Kerri Aikin, Development and Special Events Director 7103

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