October 24, 2014
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Name Email Telephone
Kim Brazil, Print Mgr/Purchasing/Facilities Adm. Asst. 7143
Karli Ward, Hospitality & Special Events Coordinator 7172
Kay Hale, Senior Adult Office Manager 7149
Lisa Jackey, GFECC Curriculum Coordinator 7162
Laura Seymour, Director of Camping and Youth Services 7110
Lynn Fellhauer, Interim Development & Special Events Director 7184
Mesfin Alemayehu, General Ledger Bookkeeper 7106
Mara Lane, Graphic Designer 7123
Maria Downey, Senior Outreach Coordinator 7183
Michelle Ditzenberger, Accounts Receivable 7107
Matt Rowland, Sports Director 7147
Pedro Alvarez, Housekeeping Supervisor 7150
Rachelle Weiss Crane, Director Israel Engagement and Jewish Living 7128
Randi Steinhart, Maccabi Special Events Coordinator 7124
Scot Hart, Graphic Designer 7123

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