May 25, 2015
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by Yossi Klein Halevi

Sunday November 10th - 12:30pm
Aaron Family JCC

    Please Call Rachelle Crane at 214-239-7128 about the Tickets & Sponsorship.
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clientuploads/Life_and_Learning/Book Fest 2013/Like-Dreamers-by-Yossi-Klein-Halevi.jpgIn Like Dreamers, acclaimed journalist Yossi Klein Halevi interweaves the stories of a group of 1967 paratroopers who reunited Jerusalem, tracing the history of Israel and the divergent ideologies shaping it from the Six-Day War to the present.
Following the lives of seven young members from the 55th Paratroopers Reserve Brigade, the unit responsible for restoring Jewish sovereignty to Jerusalem, Halevi reveals how this band of brothers played pivotal roles in shaping Israel’s destiny long after their historic victory. While they worked together to reunite their country in 1967, these men harbored drastically different visions for Israel’s future.

About the Author:
Halevi was born and raised in Borough Park, Brooklyn in New York in a Jewish family. His father was a Hungarian-born Holocaust survivor. He completed a BA in Jewish Studies in Brooklyn College in 1978, and ... Read More

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