May 24, 2015
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by Helen Waldman

Polly’s Pipers was selected as a 2013 Gold Ink Award winner in two categories!

Sunday November 10th - 10:00am
Aaron Family JCC

            Please Call Rachelle Crane at 214-239-7128 about the RSVP & Sponsorship.
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clientuploads/Life_and_Learning/Book Fest 2013/Polly's-Pipers-by-Helen-Waldman.jpg''Where are my pipers? Where are my pipers?'' Polly asks. ''What are pipers?'' her mommy and daddy reply. Polly's important pipers have gone missing. She has looked everywhere--under the bed, inside her closet, and in the kitchen. Where can they be? Mommy wants to help but isn't sure what she is looking for. Join Polly on a colorful and whimsical search to find her missing pipers. A sweet and familiar story of misunderstanding, Polly's Pipers is sure to remind readers of their own lively hunts for missing treasure, and offers a valuable lesson about communication.

About the Author:
Helen Waldman is a practicing psychotherapist. She lives with her husband in Dallas, Texas. They are the proud parents of five grown children.

About the Illustrator:
Monica Stein Ribald is a watercolorist and teaches high school art. She lives in Dallas, Texas, with her husband and is the mother of three grown sons.

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