May 30, 2015
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by Scott D.Reich

(Co-sponsored by The Dallas Jewish Historical Society)
Wednesday November 13th - 7:00pm
Aaron Family JCC

   Please Call Rachelle Crane at 214-239-7128 about the Tickets & Sponsorship.
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clientuploads/Life_and_Learning/Book Fest 2013/The-Power-of-Citizenship-Cover195294.jpgFifty years after John F. Kennedy's death, we find ourselves enmeshed in an era of political division and cynicism, where politicians talk past one another and the spirit of “Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country” is less visible than it should be. We seem to have forgotten that we’re all on the same team. Fortunately, Scott D. Reich has given us The Power of Citizenship, a timely book to bring us back on track.

About the Author:
Reich asserts that the most powerful element of Kennedy’s legacy is his emphasis on the theme of citizenship, and that a rededication to the values Kennedy promoted will shine a bright path forward for our country. Evoking the hopes and aspirations of the 1960s, Reich recaptures the excitement of the Kennedy era. But what truly sets this book apart is the unique way it blends the romance of Camelot with the new frontiers of today—not only identifying modern challenges, but also offering a tangible blueprint for how we can improve our public discourse, be good citizens, and lift our nation to new heights of greatness.

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