May 22, 2015
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age to be enrolled in the GFECC?
Children have to be 12 months and walking to start at the GFECC.

What are the daily hours (normal and extended care) ?
Our morning program is from 8:45 – 12:45 for the toddlers, two’s and three’s and
8:45 –1:45 for the pre-K.  Children in the full day program can attend from 7:30 – 6:00. There are a variety of full time and part time options depending on the family’s needs.

What is the student/teacher ratio?
Our school follows NAEYC ratios.  Toddlers are 1:4, two’s 1:6, three’s and pre-K 1:7.

What foods are allowed to be packed (peanut friendly, meat friendly, etc)?
We ask that you pack a Kosher style lunch which means not mixing milk and meat,
not pork or shell fish.  We are peanut friendly.  We are very diligent about working with families who have restricted diets or allergy concerns.

How many students are currently enrolled?

What after school specials are offered (ballet, gymnastics, etc)?
One of the best things about being part of the GFECC is the access to the enrichment classes on the JCC campus.  These include dance, gymnastics, cooking, sports classes and a variety of enrichment classes that change each semester.

What specialists classes to my children attend during their regular morning?
While we do all of these activities in our classrooms, children go to music, gym, dramatic play, Torah and science weekly with our specialist teachers. Our three’s and pre-K children also go to our indoor pool for a weekly group swim lesson!

What measures do you take to ensure maximum safety for children (locked doors, safety drills, etc)?
Safety is always the number one priority in our school.  It is on the top of our minds daily.  Teachers and staff are prepared to handle emergencies. 

What are you most proud of with regard to the GFECC?
The GFECC is like an extended family.  Everybody feels at home and children don’t want to leave when their parents come to pick them up!  We are proud of the learners that our children become.

When is enrollment typically?
Typical enrollment time is January, although we will take new children during the year based on availability.

What is the average experience level of your teachers?
We have a very low turn-over rate.  Once our teachers are here – they want to stay!  We have teachers who have been here 20 plus years mixed in with teachers fresh out of their undergraduate program.  We love the diversity of our staff.

How will I know what my child is up to day-to-day?
Teachers update share sites weekly where parents can log in and view pictures and reflections on the learning.  We also document learning on the walls of our school for the children and parents. 

How do you handle illness? 
We are vigilant about our sick policy.  Children have to be 24 hours symptom-free to return to school.  If your child gets sick at school, we will call you and keep them comfortable and well cared for until you can pick them up. If a particular illness is diagnosed in your class, we let parents know to look out for it.  We are constantly cleaning and disinfecting to make sure we are a healthy environment. 

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