May 27, 2015
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The J is offering a basic fitness class to new and existing members that will focus on the key components of fitness: Cardio, Strength, and Flexibility/Balance exercises. The purpose of this class is to teach the basics of fitness and demonstrate how to safely and effectively use the equipment in our gym. It will meet for one hour, twice a week, for four weeks. One of our certified personal trainers will facilitate the class and be there to guide, monitor and help you reach your personal fitness goals and ensure that each participant has an individualized fitness program to follow. We offer a friendly and upbeat environment that encourages camaraderie and accountability among our members.

We look forward to helping you get started on your road to fitness success!

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 a.m.       14FT240990     $199.00

or Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m.   14FT240991    $199.00

For more details, contact Justin Hodan at jhodan@jccdallas.org or 214-239-7155

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