May 25, 2015
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At the GFECC we are dedicated to:

Giving Academic Building Blocks: 

We will ignite a passion for learning and laying a foundation for academic success in language and literacy, math, science, and social skills focusing on school preparation.

Fostering Sense of Self: 

We will explore individual talents to build self-confidence and discover potential.

Encouraging Spiritual Awakenings:

We will inspire our children to embrace the values and traditions of Jewish life.

Complete Menu:

We will offer convenient access to a full range of programs that fulfill the needs of each child and family.

Comfort Zone:

We will foster the development of basic life skills naturally through a warm and nurturing environment that encourages sharing, caring, and getting along.

At the GFECC we stand behind the latest research in early childhood education and base the expectations for our early childhood education on the latest findings.  There are many tenants that we believe are important to the foundation of our educational offerings.   


 For more information please contact Tara Ohayon (Director of Early Childhood Education) at 214-239-7157 or email her at:tohayon@jccdallas.org

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