May 29, 2015
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The J Naturescape


We're Green & Growing!

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The Rock Arrives!!

The J Naturescape Progresses

The pieces are coming...Stay tuned to see what happens next!

Our Playground is growing "deep and wide"!

We're all lending a hand to make sure this is the best new playground in the city!!
Watch for more details and updates coming soon about this exciting project

Every once in a while an opportunity comes along to make a lasting impact. It is rare for a project to both ignite the imagination and present an opportunity to influence the lives of our children, today and for future generations. The J Naturescape is that project. 

The J Naturescape is a miniature natural landscape with rolling hills, stone walls for climbing, gardens, water play, natural rock piles, loose parts of constructing things and so much more. If you've ever climbed trees, rolled down hills, made mud pies, dug in the sand, or jumped into a pile of leaves, you've experienced natural play. We believe every child needs and deserves that experience! Kids today spend more time than is healthy watching TV, playing gaming devices, and living sedentary lives in a culture favoring strict, regimented play versus natural exploration. Richard Louv has coined the term “Nature Deficit Disorder”, referring to the assortment of behavioral problems children are exhibiting when they are not acquainted with the out of doors. In the last two decades childhood has moved indoors, profoundly affecting the wellness of our nation’s kids. Our children are missing something essential to their health and development: a connection to the natural world.

What began as the dream of the J Camp and Early Childhood Directors, has grown into an exciting collaboration with a dedicated committee led by Julie and Jay Liberman. Working with input from teachers, parents and children , we have a design for the preschool playground and the picnic area by the pool that is filled with natural wonder. The J Naturescape will transform the way our children and families play and experience the natural world together.

We hope you are intrigued by the idea of this opportunity to affect the future of our children. Donate now and join us in making this dream a reality for all our children!

For more information, contact Laura Seymour, Director of Camping Services,
at 214-239-7110 or

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