May 24, 2015

Lerry Kreyzelburg dallas


Office Hours:
Mon – Fri
9am – 6pm

Sat: Closed
Sun: 10am – 4pm

Academy Hours:
Mon – Fri
1pm – 6pm

Sat: Closed
Sun: 10am – 4pm


How we are trained: All JCC Lenny K Swim Academy instructors are certified in the SwimRight Method™. They are specifically trained in working with infants, teens and/or adults, and it’s a job they love. The Dallas JCC is dedicated to matching the right instructor with each student, and we are confident that every teacher brings an exceptional skill to the program. So as participants progress, they are paired with new teachers. It also is important that students do not come to rely on only one teacher, but rather learn to be dependent on themselves.

Meet our LKSA Dallas Team

 DANIEL is the Director of the Aquatics Program and the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy at the J. Daniel found swimming at a young age and began his journey through the world of aquatics. He went onto competitive swimming and from there took his first job as a lifeguard learning the importance of water safety. Encouraged to teach others how to swim he became a swim instructor the following summer. He served at a young age as the Assistant Aquatics Director here that the Dallas JCC for the inaugural year of the new Sports and Fitness complex in 2005. He went on to direct the Aquatics programs of the Downtown Dallas YMCA and the White Rock YMCA’s before returning to the job he calls home, our JCC. According to Daniel the best part of his job is still teaching children how to swim and with the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy he knows our swimmers are headed for success!

clientuploads/_SummerCamp2014/header/carmen-finocchio.jpgCARMEN is the Assistant Director of the Aquatics Program and the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy at the J. Carmen is an avid swimmer who found success in the competitive swimming arena starting at age 7. She began her aquatics career in 2008 at the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta as a lifeguard and swim instructor. Carmen went on to help develop a brand new competitive swim team at the Atlanta JCC which found great success in the subsequent years. In May of 2013 Carmen moved to Dallas and quickly found a place at the Dallas JCC as the Aquatics Coordinator. She was instrumental in coordinating and organizing the swim program and created the Devil Rays Prep Team, a platform for children looking toward competitive swimming.


For more information or to register please contact Aquatics Directorclientuploads/camp 2014/Winter Camp2013/THE J logo tran BLUE.png
  Daniel Taylor at dtaylor@jccdallas.org or 214-239-7141.

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