May 29, 2015

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9am – 6pm

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Sun: 10am – 4pm

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How is progress measured?
How do swimmers advance to the next level?
Swimmers learn and progress at their own pace. Upon registration, each student receives a swim progress book. Fun exercises and positive reinforcement encourage progress. Rewards are earned as swimmers complete new skills. Swimmers participate in safety tests to confirm proficiency, enabling them to move ahead with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Do you really teach babies how to swim?
The JCC Lenny K Swim Academy begins lessons with babies as young as 3 months old. In fact, infants make outstanding students because they have an automatic breath-holding reflex and are very comfortable on their backs, which make learning to float quite simple.
The aquatic environment provides babies with complete freedom, comfort and virtual weightlessness. Repetitive motion and patterning help develop their muscle strength, confidence and self-esteem.

How frequent are the lessons?
Lessons are recommended year-round at least once a week (two lessons a week are even more beneficial) and should be continued on a regular basis. Consistency is the most important factor in gaining proficiency and confidence in the water.

Who are the instructors?
All JCC Lenny K Swim Academy instructors are certified in the 
SwimRight Method™. They are specifically trained in working with infants, teens and/or adults, and it’s a job they love.
The Dallas JCC is dedicated to matching the right instructor with each student, and we are confident that every teacher brings an exceptional skill to the program. So as participants progress, they are paired with new teachers. It also is important that students do not come to rely on only one teacher, but rather learn to be dependent on themselves.

What is the Survival Test?
Unique to the
SwimRight Method™ is the Survival Test, to guarantee that swimmers are truly water safe. To simulate a real water emergency, this test is done when the swimmer is fully clothed – though remaining in the secure and safe environment of the JCC. The test gives students the knowledge and confidence that they are truly able to survive in an actual worst-case scenario. We are proud to say that we put our teachings to the test!

What if my child does not want to go to swim lessons?
The question is, what do you, as a parent or caregiver, want for your child? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fatal drowning is the second-leading cause of injury-related death for children ages 1-14. Water can be a scary environment for children - and appropriately so! Young swimmers typically go through several stages while learning to swim, from fear and uncertainty to cooperation and interest. They often experience these stages more than once. Do not get frustrated if children resist lessons; persistence and encouragement from parents will help them move through the stages. And with skill comes confidence. As children learn respect for the water and how to be safe in it, swimming will become a fun activity.

If my child seems worried during lessons, is it helpful if I stay?
If children seem worried during lessons, they will benefit much more if they are able to focus on the instructor and concentrate on swimming rather than looking to parents. As a general rule, sometimes it is best if the parent leaves.
It is natural for novice swimmers to be anxious; after all, this is a completely new environment. Once they learn to trust the teacher and themselves, though, swimming will become easier, and students will understand why they are learning. As they become confident and comfortable in the water, children will enjoy showing their new talents to parents.

Why do swimmers need swim caps?
The JCC Lenny K Swim Academy uses color-coded swim caps to denote ability. Students are required to wear swim caps at each lesson to help staff identify skill levels, to keep hair off their face and to give students a goal for which to strive. As a swimmer’s ability increases, a new color cap is earned.

What about teens or adults who never learned how to swim?
Is the JCC Lenny K Swim Academy for them?
Absolutely! The JCC Lenny K Swim Academy is designed with flexibility, yet structure, so all students can learn and progress at their own pace. Even adults very fearful of the water can learn through the 
SwimRight Method™. I already know the basics of swimming.

Is the JCC Lenny K Swim Academy really for me?
Yes. Those who already know how to swim can improve their skills, polish strokes, increase strength and receive many more benefits through the Lenny K Swim Academy.

For more information or to register please contact Aquatics Directorclientuploads/camp 2014/Winter Camp2013/THE J logo tran BLUE.png
  Daniel Taylor at dtaylor@jccdallas.org or 214-239-7141.

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