April 20, 2014
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JCC Maccabi Games 2013

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Team Roster & Coaches

GOOOOOOOO Team Dallas!!!
Congratulations to all of our athletes!

Total Medals: 11 Gold, 11 Silver, 7 Bronze, 2

Rachmanus Medals:

Table Tennis (All Player’s vote) - Jonathan Ochstein

Stepping in and serving 800 kids dinner at night event - Coach Barry Waranch (16U Boys Soccer)

Girls Basketball- Coach Derrick Martin

Team Sports:


Girls 16U– Silver


Boys 14U – Bronze


Girls 16U – Bronze

  Individual Sports:


Singles Tennis, Josh Granberry – Bronze

Doubles Tennis, Max Aranoff – Gold

Doubles Tennis, Jacob Bendalin – Silver


Singles Table Tennis, Jonathan Ochstein – Bronze

Doubles Table Tennis, Charlie Weitz - Bronze

Consolation Singles Table Tennis, Ethan Fisher - Silver


Austin Krohn :

50 yd back stroke – Gold

100 yd Backstroke - Gold

200 yd backstroke - Gold

500 yd  Freestyle - Gold

400 Freestyle Relay - Gold

200 yd IM (individual medley) - Silver

200 yd Freestyle – Silver (out touched by .01)

400 yd Medley Relay – Silver


Josh Collins:

400 yd IM (individual medley) - Gold

500 Freestyle  - Silver

100 yd Backstroke - Silver

200 yd backstroke - Silver

400 Freestyle Relay – Bronze

Sarah Balis:

500 yd Freestyle – Gold

400 yd Freestyle Relay - Gold

200 yd IM (individual medley) - Gold

400 yd IM (individual medley) Relay -Gold

200 yd backstroke – Bronze

Elise Eisenberg:

400 yd Freestyle Relay - Silver

400 yd IM (individual medley) Relay – Silver

 Background and Basic Facts

The Games are the largest program for Jewish teens in the world. The Games are an annual event organized by JCCs under policies, rules, and regulations established by the CGB, which selects the host communities. Each year there is 3-4 sites that host the Games and each host takes approximately 750-1,500 visiting athletes. The Games are based on the premise that sports provide a meaningful framework for strengthening the Jewish identity of our teens. The opportunities the Games provide are to instill Jewish values through informal education, social activities, and community service projects. At the Games, there is a place for both the highly competitive athlete who may be nationally ranked in his/her sport and the recreational athlete who loves to play.


To be eligible to participate, an athlete must be at least 13 years old on or before July 31 of the year of the Games and cannot be 17 on or before July 31 of the year of the Games and must be a member of the JCC of Dallas.

All athletes must be Jewish, which is defined as follows: One of the athlete’s parents is Jewish and the athlete is being raised Jewish or is a Jew by choice and is being raised Jewish. In the spirit of the Games, if the parent or child does not believe that they are Jewish on a year-round basis then the child should not participate in the JCC Maccabi Games.

In order to attend the JCC Maccabi Games an athlete must participate for the full duration of the Games. Athletes must arrive on Sunday and may not depart except with their delegation upon the close of the Games.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the locations and dates for the JCC Maccabi Games this year?

For 2013, the Maccabi Games are being hosted in two cities in North America.

July 28-August 2 in Austin, TX
August 4-9 in Orange County, CA

Team Dallas will send athletes to Austin, TX. Athletes will only be able to attend one set of games.

2. How is it decided how many athletes from Dallas compete?

In the years that Team Dallas travels to another city, we are given an allotment of athletes that we are able to take with us. This allotment is determined by JCCA in consideration of the host city’s size and the number of athletes that can be home-housed in that city. In addition, each sport has a limited number of spots for traveling teams. Athletes of all skill levels are invited to try out for Team Dallas. Tryouts will be held in February 2013. Competition levels vary for each of the sports teams; therefore we encourage athletes to try out for more than one sport. For 2013 we are able to send 75 athletes to Austin, TX.

3. What sports will Team Dallas send to the JCC Maccabi Games?

Team sports for Maccabi 2013 may include Baseball 16U, Boys Basketball 16U or 14U, Girls Soccer 16U, Boys Soccer 16U or 14U, Girls Basketball 16U and Girls Volleyball 16U. Individual sports may include Tennis, Swimming, Bowling, Dance, and Table Tennis. Tryouts will be held February/March and a full tryout schedule will be posted on our website by January 31.

4. Can I play more than one sport?

No. You may try out for more than one sport; however you may only compete in one sport in the JCC Maccabi Games. This is because you will be playing in your sport for some time each day of the Games. You will also have time to see your friends playing other sports and cheer them on or at the nightly social events.  

5. What age teenagers may participate in the JCC Maccabi Games?

The JCC Maccabi Games are nationally designed for 13-16 year olds. Maccabi age is your child’s age as of July 31, 2013.

6. Are there any requirements as a Team Dallas athlete?

Yes, all athletes will be required to complete assigned Mitzvah (community service) projects prior to the Games and complete an assigned fundraising project (if needed). Athletes must also attend at least 50% of their practices and be at all practices two weeks before the date of their respective games. All athletes must attend the apparel and uniform try on dates in April and must attend all Athlete/Parent meetings prior to the games.

7. I have a lot of questions. How do I get the answers?

For information regarding Team Dallas, please contact Jilliane Bowser at jbowser@jccdallas.org or 214-239-7178.
Please do not contact the JCCA or the games location directly.

To print a .pdf of this information, please click here.


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