May 22, 2015
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The Melton Curriculum

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INSTRUCTORS: Laura Seymour, Debra Polsky, Fred Nathan

YEAR ONE: The first hour, Rhythms of Jewish Living, focuses on the ideas, beliefs and practices that shape a Jewish life, and examine tradition and ritual observances connected to the Jewish calendar, along with life cycle events. The second hour, Purposes of Jewish Living, concentrates on the ultimate pur­poses of Judaism and the development of the covenant with G-d as revealed through the Bible and other sacred texts.

YEAR TWO: One hour is devoted to Dramas of Jewish Living: Exploring Jewish History as a tool to strengthen Jewish memory. It is an interactive study of a broad range of historical texts relating to specific dramas in Jewish history. The second hour, Ethics of Jewish Living, is a text-centered approach to the study of Jewish ethical foundations and includes discussions relating to justice, the sanctity of life, death, sexuality and community.

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