May 27, 2015
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Summer 2013 Enrichment Classes with Tammy

Classes begin week of June 17 – July 26


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 Mondays – Got Science
Member $120  Non-Member $150  (6 classes) clientuploads/Early_Childhood/Enrichment/enrichment with tammy.jpg

 1-1:45pm           ages 3-5 

 4-4:45pm           ages 4-7    

Young scientists use their senses as they explore the world around them, with lots of fun hands-on experiments!  Creating science experiments that encourage them to use their five senses will help children process new information. Children will develop vocabulary as they describe their experiments through the physical senses.

 Tuesdays - Bilingual Pals
Member $120  Non-Member $150   (6 classes)clientuploads/Early_Childhood/Enrichment/enrichment with tammy1.jpg

1-1:45pm            ages 3-5  

4-4:45pm            ages 4-7 

Young children love to learn a new language and it is easy and fun to learn through play, don’t be surprised if your preschooler asks you, “Habla Espanol?” we have fun learning Spanish together- numbers, colors, foods, simple phrases, games and music. Watch as our vocabulary grows (but don’t book the trip to Mexico just yet!).

 Wednesdays – Broadway Bound
Member $120  Non-Member $150 (6 classes)clientuploads/Early_Childhood/Enrichment/enrichment with tammy2.jpg



Sing! Dance! Act! Tada! So many stories to tell! Who better to tell them than our children
who hear them every day? We'll read stories, act out scenes, dress up as we learn how to work together as a team. This class is sure to boost their self-confidence as well as bringing out the true character in all!!

 Thursdays – Taste Buds
Member $120  Non-Member $150 (6 classes)clientuploads/Early_Childhood/Enrichment/enrichment with tammy3.jpg


 4-4:45pm   ages 5-7  

These classes are great opportunities for budding chefs to show their full potential and break out into the culinary scene while whipping up batches of fun. Younger children focus on kitchen safety and basics like mixing, measuring, tasting and safety while having fun in the kitchen. Older chefs learn more independence in the kitchen as we focus on advanced techniques, challenges, blind taste tests and more.

 Fridays – Kiddoodles  
Member $120  Non-Member $150  ( 6 classes)  clientuploads/Early_Childhood/Enrichment/enrichment with tammy4.jpg


2-2:45pm   Parent/child    


Children will explore a variety of media from clay to chalk to paints—whatever tickles their fancy! Projects encourage imagination and self-expression. Students will be encouraged to think outside the picture frame as they learn fundamentals of painting and mixed media. They will be inspired to use their mind’s eye as they develop skills in the use of color, form, design, and shape as they work in both two and three dimensions. No experience is required for this class—just a love of having fun with art!


For more information, please contact Tammy Rivera at 214-239-7152 or trivera@jccdallas.org.

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