May 25, 2015
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To All JCC Members and Participants

New Parking Lot Rules/Requirements

The JCC is bursting at the seams with programs and activities for the community. This is extremely exciting for all of us and truly allows the opportunity for people to select from a long menu of activities at the J. While we are thankful to everyone that utilizes the JCC, we are having some upper and lower level fitness parking lot issues. We now have to prioritize parking lot procedures for everyone. We are asking that the upper and lower level fitness lot be used by JCC Members only.

As we do our best to accommodate the community it has become necessary to put further parking lot rules/requirements in place. To reiterate — from today forward all parking in the upper and lower fitness center lots is for JCC Members Only. This is for usage of the Fitness Center, the Swimming Pool, and the Group Exercise Classes. All others participating in any activities at the J need to park in the Main lots in front of the J Building.

This includes rentals of any type. Any and all those participating in leagues and gymnastics, members or not, will also use the Main lots in front of the J Building as well. This will help us further alleviate the upper and lower level fitness lot congestion. Please abide by these rules as they are important for us to maintain proper traffic flow and safety for everyone.

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