May 28, 2015
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Staff Directory

The JCC Front Desk is 214-739-2737

Our direct dial phone system allows each person to be called directly, without going through the main switchboard. To dial directly use 214-239+4 digit extension listed below. To send an individual email, please click on that person's name.

You may search for a person's extension by entering a name below or selecting
a department and clicking 'Go.'

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Staff Directory

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Name Email Telephone
Abbii Cook, Youth Programs Director 7189
Alisa Kearney, Office Manager, Sports and Fitness Center 7146
Alise Robinson, Manager J Performing Arts 7140
Amy Postel, Gymnastics Director 7176
Andrea Bennett, Executive Assistant 7102
Anna Angorina, Senior Coordinator 7119
Artie Allen, Chief Executive Officer 7101
Ashley Bundis, Marketing Services & Program Director 7144
Austin Holley, Tennis Director 7154
Belinda Senevey, Controller 7142
Bev Broman, Administrative Assistant 7112
Brian Solka, Graphic/Web Designer
Carmen Finocchio, Aquatics Assistant Director 7198
Carol Agronin, Associate Director & CFO 7109
Carrie Ann Ring, Membership Sales Manager 7138

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