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The 90 Minute War

Sep, 22, 2018 - Sep, 22, 2018
09:15 pm - 11:15 pm

Satirical comedy – 2016 | 84 minutes
Director: Eyal Halfon
Language: Arabic, English, Hebrew, Portuguese
Community Partner: Temple Emanu-El
Talk Back: Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman

After decades of strife and failed peace talks, the leaders of Israel and the Palestinian authority agree to end the intractable problem once and for all. The solution agreed on is a winner-take-all soccer match. One 90-minute game will decide who can remain in the holy land and who must go. This brilliant tongue-in-cheek satirical comedy offers a thought provoking take on the conflict.

Based on a successful novel of the same name, The 90 Minute War is directed by veteran Israel director Eyal Halfon and stars well known actor Moshe Igby as the Israel team manager and Norman Issa (Arab Labor) his Palestinian counterpart. As these two managers prepare for the highest stakes game of their careers, nothing is easy – from finding a stadium to agreeing on a referee. The trials that ensue cast a fresh and humorous light on the conflict.