Dear Parents,

We are all thrilled to begin The FIDDLER ON THE ROOF JR. experience together. New traditions were made this past Sunday. We are so proud of our actors. The energy was high, hearts were open, and everyone was present and in the moment. The first rehearsal is always centered around “breaking the ice” with our fellow actors and staff members and diving into our theater process.

After a warm welcome, we began a breathing counting meditation to help center everyone’s energy, to calm our mind and bodies, and focus our attention to the present moment. With every rehearsal we like to include some theater education. This rehearsal’s topic was stage direction and theater vocabulary (creative team members and their roles i.e. lyricist, composer, author, book writer). We reviewed what blocking entailed and how to take rehearsal notes. This was followed by learning about actor responsibilities and resulted in signing our actor contracts.

Every cast then went to their own working spaces where roles were revealed and each cast discussed the story of FIDDLER ON THE ROOF JR. As we dove deeper into the story, we discussed the importance of everyone working as an ensemble. We also discussed our Character Development Worksheet, this week’s exciting homework assignment. The Character Development Worksheet is designed to get all of our actors’ backstories in the works! They will be sharing their “backstory” with their fellow cast members this Sunday.

The second half of rehearsal included learning the music and choreography for one of the big musical numbers “Tradition”! Each cast learned their music on their own, but then both casts met back in Zale Auditorium and everyone began learning the choreography for “Tradition” together! Our actors accomplished a lot in one day! They did an amazing job!

We ended with a closing circle where we went into detail about our “intention” bracelets (ask your actor about this) while re-emphasizing that our FIDDLER team is a theater family. We are here to support each other and make this an excellent experience for everyone by creating a loving, supportive, and nurturing environment for all to enjoy.

Practice at home and use our ERL (Electronic Resource Library)

Electronic Resource Library

Our ERL is where our actors can review the musical numbers and choreography that were rehearsed. Please share this with our actors weekly. This week please review the song and choreography for “Tradition”. We have also included the music that we added from the Broadway Show (“Matchmaker”, “To Life”, “Miracles of Miracles”, “Tevye’s Dream”, and “Now I Have Everything”) to our JR version. The music is from the 2016 Broadway Revival Cast Album. They don’t match our music exactly (esp. L’Chaim – To Life), but they will be a helpful practice guide for learning the songs. I have happily heard from several parents already that they are on-deck to be an understudy if we need one! So, please keep listening to the CD, the downloads from the ERL, reading the script, and memorizing lines. Keep up the good work!

Rehearsal – Sunday, January 14

Everyone should arrive promptly at 1:30 pm. If your actor accidentally brought home their name tag, please have them bring them on Sunday. L’Chaim Cast will meet in the Senior Assembly and Mazel Tov Cast will meet in Zale Auditorium. Pick-up will be at 5:30 pm in the lobby. Please remind our performers to bring their scripts, folder, character development sheet (completely filled out), pencil, and a highlighter. Also, please bring a healthy snack and a water bottle. Oh and always wear clothes you can easily move in with sneakers or bring your jazz/dance shoes.

Important Dates & Reminders

Sunday, January 28 is when we will be taking headshots for both casts. Please make sure your actor is camera-ready! Wednesday, January 31 actor bios and playbill ads are due. I inspire you to please take care of it now. Knock it off your to-do list and feel like a rock star. Remember, the proceeds from all playbill ads help fund our amazing performing arts program. So please take a personal ad out for your well-deserved performer, encourage a relative who is unable to attend to send a note, or utilize this opportunity if you own a small business. Placing an ad in our playbill is a strategic way to reach the community.

Click here for important dates and deadlines.

Contest to Win Additional Complimentary Tickets

Thank you to all of you who sent your actor’s bios already. Congrats! Because you all did such a good job, all bios that I received by Tuesday, January 9 will receive an additional complimentary ticket! Your effort is greatly appreciated.

Healthy Snacks

Please do your best to provide healthy snacks, low in sugar. Healthy, low-sugar snacks help to keep our performers engaged, focused, and on task. We will not be using the vending machines. Again, please pack a water bottle too!

Tickets Are Now on Sale

Buy early and save. Please share this link with all your friends. All families will receive one complimentary ticket per actor.


Sunday, January 21: Campapalooza (Camp Party Day)
Fiddler on the Roof JR. rehearsals will begin at 1:30.
Join in the fun from 11:30 am – 2:30 pm to register early and ensure your spot in our performing arts camps! Spaces fill up quickly! Go on a rock tour and save $25 on camp registration. There will be scavenger hunts, refreshments, camp swag and so much more! Camp registration for Total J members, including those who join on 1/21, opens on this day and receives priority access! Camp Friend forms received on Camp Party Day will be first in line when registration opens to the community on January 28.

Performing Arts Camps @ the J

Our performing arts camps are fantastic and camp registration for members opens this Sunday. Camp StarQuest is a four-week musical theater and performing arts intensive that teaches the fundamentals of theater, music, and dance – all in the process of creating a fully-staged production. Camp StarPower is a three-week camp this year where kids create and perform in an original collaborative production. We have limited space in all of our theater arts camps so please register early. Spots tend to fill up quickly!

Click here for the camp brochure.
Click here for registration forms, and here to learn more about JPAS camps, dates etc.

And, I want to close by saying thank you. We appreciate you being a part of our JPAS family and look forward to being on this journey together. As I share with my team, #teamworkmakesthedreamwork.

Shine Bright,